WENPING PROTOTYPE CO.,LTD establishes in 1995, is the business enterprise that the profession is engaged in the hand plank creation.From establish develop continuously, manufacture the craft to have abundant experience to the product.Combine the traditional excellent craft, emerge the modern science technique.
Existing professional Model of company manufactures the technical expert, the computer of CNC processes the equipments automatically.Can also provide the laser SLA, SLS, FDM to model quickly for the customer, the product copies the small batch quantity of number and products to produce.The main creation product include:Machine hull, toy, appliance, large medical and surgical equipment, the action product etc..Company to each customer the commitment product is in manufacture process, revealing with the any form prize customer's patent and the business secret in no case to the third square.Insist with the crack technique craft and the rehabilitate of sincerity services, work hard for to attain best, provide the high-quality economic performance for more customers.