The file transfer system registers
User Name:
In the document passes on the use help:
1、 Clicks on "the registration" the button to carry on the registration(for example you to register, then abbreviates this step).
2、 Fills in the correlation information, clicks on "the preservation" thebutton to preserve your registration information.
3、 On the user name and the password frame fills in the ID number whichyou registers under, single-clicks "registers" the button to enter thesingle backstage.
4、 Clicks on "the browsing", chooses document which you wants on to passon, single-clicks; According to "determined" opens.
5、 Fills in you "the postscript".
6、 Fills in "the corporate name", "the contact person", "the companyaddress", "the telephone" 。
7、 After confirmed unmistakable, single-clicks "on passes on" on thenpasses on your material.